Concrete Flatwork

Concrete Flatwork


Why Choose Concrete Over Asphalt?

Concrete's benefits far outweigh those of asphalt. Concrete requires literally no major maintenance and is extremely versatile. Most customers find the appearance of concrete far more pleasing. It's also extremely durable, having a typical lifespan of 30 years or longer. Concrete's lighter color also absorbs less heat, making your yard and our planet less warm! Not only is it much more environmentally-friendly it also increases the value of your house over alternatives, like gravel and asphalt.

Asphalt contains a wide array of carcinogenic compounds. To avoid these, many homeowners mistakenly use coal tar driveway sealants to maintain and improve the lifespan of their asphalt. These coal tar products are actually worse than the asphalt itself, containing up to 1,000 times as many PAHs, which have been linked to cancer in humans.

The concrete driveway has become an essential to every home's landscape and like other high-quality upgrades can drastically increase property values. We know it is the first thing everyone sees when they approach your home and that's why we don't cut any corners. We use reinforcements like rebar and wire mesh and our concrete is always 4,000 psi, which is well above what our typical competitor uses for their driveway pours! This also allows for the concrete to reach a total hardness in 14 days instead of the traditional and normal 28 days. Hardening more quickly in our area of Fort Collins, Loveland and Greeley, Colorado gives our customers a higher quality product. Concrete flatwork thickness depends on your usage and all necessary slopes and drainage needs are taken into consideration, because nobody wants standing water on their driveway. Control and expansion joints are strategically placed to provide a location for the concrete to crack. All concrete cracks eventually, but with proper placement of these saw cuts, those cracks can be hidden and made less noticeable.


The concrete patio is fast gaining in popularity as an essential element in today's backyards. Concrete patios offer many maintenance and cost advantages over wood, while at the same time it can be made as decorative as wood. Additionally, concrete patios allow homeowners to blend interior and exterior living spaces. Concrete is the perfect flooring surface for outdoor kitchens and living rooms and can be decorated to mix or match. You can add water features, seats and many different types of fireplaces. Using concrete, you can have unlimited design and maintenance free options. You can further enhance concrete with stains and colors and coordinate it to match a home's exterior or landscape. It can also be stamped or engraved in patterns that mimic other popular paving materials, such as brick, flagstone, slate and tile.

Although it may seem simple to pour a large slab of concrete in your front or back yard, much thought must go into planning your concrete patio or porch. Without the proper preparation your traditional layout may lack practicality by having too much sun exposure and not enough shade. The most efficient design can accommodate multiple outdoor needs. That is why we will help you decide before your pour exactly how you plan to use your addition. The options are endless!


Concrete sidewalks, walkways and approaches offer more than just practicality. They provide curb appeal and form to your house's landscaping, giving you a welcoming entryway into your home.

Shops and Garages 

Regardless of the size, we can pour your shop or garage. Here are just a few reason why you may want to leave pouring concrete to a contractor:

Concrete projects require time, patience, careful calculations and measurements and, more importantly, can be very costly to repair or remove and haul away. Hiring a professional to install your concrete projects may be more cost effective than making a do-it-yourself mistake. First, you must get the forms correct and level. If the concrete is not level, building on the slab will be very difficult. Give yourself peace of mind knowing it's done right the first time.  Don't Attempt This Yourself! 


  Accurate Estimates

Every job big or small can have obstacles when it comes to the movement of concrete from the truck once it arrives. Our 32 meter boom allows us to easily move the necessary amount of concrete from the truck to where it is needed on the job site with ease. Click the link below to be contacted for a free estimate.

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