Garage/Shop Floors

Garage/Shop Floors

Garage or Shop Floors

Adding a garage to your home's plan is an exceptional way to increase its value and your happiness. A nice warm car on a bitter cold morning in the Rocky Mountain region is the best reason anyone would want to build a garage. There are of course, many other practical uses for this space. Today's garage often has space for more than just two vehicles and simple storage. This area can double as a shop, a showroom for your adult toys or as a men's den or retreat area. Deciding how to use this space won't be as hard as narrowing your options for your concrete garage floor.


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Every job big or small can have obstacles when it comes to the movement of concrete from the truck once it arrives. Our 32 meter boom allows us to easily move the necessary amount of concrete from the truck to where it is needed on the job site with ease. Click the link below to be contacted for a free estimate.

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