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Basements & Foundations

Adding a concrete basement from a crawl space is one of the best ways to build equity into your present home. Converting a crawl space is extremely cost effective and a relatively inexpensive investment. Most Realtors will tell you that the basement is the area of a house that will return the most money per square foot at the time of sale. A new basement living area can also create that much wanted entertainment room, family den or needed extra bedroom and bathroom combination. Finishing a basement is absolutely the least expensive way to generate more livable space. And new basements converted from crawl spaces can be added while you are living in the home, no need to move out during construction.

Basements using poured concrete walls also provide an outstanding place to keep your family safe during natural disasters. Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska all have their high wind areas. There is nothing more durable and safe than a concrete wall! Extremely versatile, poured concrete foundations can accommodate any foundation floor plan.

Concrete Poured Walls vs Concrete Block

Concrete block foundations over time can bow, settle, crack and are more susceptible to water leakage through their joints. At the same time they are unsightly when they are left unfinished! If the concrete block foundation isn't filled with steel rebar and concrete then it will be weak, structurally unsound and have little insulation value. Poured concrete walls are joint-free and typically 8-12 inches thick which makes them denser, stronger, drier and fire resistant which is crucial for basement walls. They can better withstand cave-ins created by lateral pressures from the ground, water and wind.

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