Concrete Boom Pumping

How do I get my concrete where a truck can’t reach?

Concrete placement is its own industry within the construction world because of how important it is to utilize the window of time one has to work concrete. Pumping is the best way to minimize labor while maximizing output. It is an efficient, reliable and economical means of placing concrete, and sometimes the only way of getting concrete into certain locations. Other times, simply the ease and speed of pumping concrete makes it the most economical method. Of the different types of concrete pumping, we believe boom pumping gives us the most versatility. Tri-State Concrete is pleased to offer high quality concrete boom pumping services to Fort Collins and surrounding areas along the northern Front Range. They are truck mounted powerful pumps used for their high maneuverability, suitable for confined areas and offer an excellent cost/performance value. Because of their reach, boom trucks often remain in the same place for an entire pour, allowing ready mix trucks to discharge their loads directly into the pump’s hopper at one central location. We have both a 32-meter and a 42-meter boom pump truck. The 32-meter is a great balance between reach and set-up space. Ideal for residential and commercial job sites where space can be limited. It is considered to be the best all-around boom pump type for fast, unfolding, easy clean out and precision placement. The 42-meter lightweight design and construction is well-suited for softer ground, while the long horizontal reach allows you to park on more solid terrain if necessary. The five-section articulating boom and continuous swing pedestal maximize the boom’s maneuverability. You’ll be able to use it in tight areas that are off-limits to less agile machines.

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