Retaining Walls & Cellars

By offering lateral support to vertical slopes, a retaining wall can hold back soil for a multitude of reasons, including leveling terraces to add landscaping, eliminating hard-to-mow slopes and provide solutions to drainage and erosion problems. Although traditional retaining walls can be constructed using numerous building materials, concrete is the most durable and most recommended. Our retaining walls are always reinforced with rebar and are almost always cantilevered, which saves concrete, reduces cost through careful planning, construction and design. Water Cellars/Safety Shelters There are some places in Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska that require additional storage options for water tanks or cisterns. Cellars provide large underground rooms for those needs as well as provide extra space for laundry, hot-water tanks, HVAC or just simply add storage. It could also double as a safety shelter. Poured concrete walls are the ideal material and construction method to solve this problem. Although most of Colorado and Wyoming have a very low incidence of damaging tornadoes, they do occur and with violent force. Depending on where you live, damage can range from minor to catastrophic. With a safety shelter in place you can know that your family and valuables are protected. Varying in size, these poured concrete walled rooms can be relatively affordable giving what they safeguard.

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