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Concrete Flatwork / Non-Structural Services

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Why not attempt a concrete installation project myself?

Although it may seem simple to pour a small slab of concrete in your yard, lots of experience and planning is needed. Concrete flatwork projects require time, patience, careful measurements and more importantly, it can be very costly to repair or remove if done wrong.

Flatwork Preparation & Installation

Without the proper preparation, your layout may lack practicality by not having the right mix for conditions, poor design, bad framing, not squared, the correct thickness, the right reinforcement, is it sloped correctly or the right finish, just a name a few. Hiring a professional to install concrete will almost always be more cost-effective than making a do-it-yourself mistake. Give yourself peace of mind knowing the project is done right the first time. We take our concrete flatwork seriously.

Quality Concrete Materials

We always offer a recommendation of reinforcements like steel, wire mesh and microfibers and leave the choice up to you. Our flatwork concrete is always 4,000 psi, which is above what our typical competitor uses for traditional pours. The higher cement content also allows for the concrete to reach a total hardness sooner than the normal 28 days.

We are experts at addressing slope and drainage concerns to avoid standing water on slabs or against foundations.

Expansion joints or saw cuts are strategically placed to provide a location for concrete to crack. All concrete cracks, but with proper placement and installation of these saw cuts they can be hidden and made less noticeable.

We Offer Residential & Commerical Concrete Flatwork Services

When Tri-State Concrete takes on your commercial or residential concrete flatwork project you can rely on years of longevity for your sidewalk, driveway, patio, or flooring. Our focus on quality materials, proper preparation, and the right concrete mix make for a superior and longer lasting job. In the long run, our focus on these things make for a better investment and require less need for maintenance and repairs. Site Preparation For Your Project

A successful concrete flatwork project requires a level, stable surface. We can handle any necessary site prep or excavation should that be necessary for the job. Based in Fort Collins, CO, We have our own excavation equipment so you don't have to worry about your project being held up by additional contractors or equipment rentals.

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The concrete driveway is essential to every home's landscape and like other high-quality upgrades can drastically increase property values. We know it is the first thing everyone sees when they approach your home, and that's why we don't cut any corners. Learn more about how we pour concrete driveways.

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Having your cracked or broken concrete fixed, is just a temporary solution. To have the problem correctly fixed, the old concrete needs to be taken out and replaced with new concrete. We can remove and haul away your old concrete, correct any issues causing the damage, and replace it with new concrete.

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Adding a garage to your home's plan is an exceptional way to increase its value. A nice warm car on a bitterly cold morning in the Rocky Mountains is the best reason anyone would want to build a garage.

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Stamped concrete is textured and colored to resemble wood, tile, stone, flagstone, slate, brick and other building materials. It is commonly used for patios, sidewalks, driveways, pool decks and interior flooring. Learn more about our decorative concrete services.

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Every job big or small can have obstacles when it comes to the placement of concrete. Our 32 boom pump truck allows us to easily move the necessary amount of concrete from the truck to where it is needed on the job site with ease.

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Concrete polishing offers may benefits including beautiful appearance, increased durability, chemical resistance, even slip resistance. Learn more about our concrete polishing services by following this link.

We specialize in pumping concrete to hard to reach commercial and residential locations throughout the Front Range and mountains. Based out of Fort Collins, Colorado.