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Tri-State Concrete Services, Fort Collins Based Concrete Company

Tri-State Concrete & Excavation

Fort Collins Based Concrete Company

Concrete Pumping and Boom Pumping

We specialize in pumping concrete to hard to reach commercial and residential locations throughout the Front Range Mountains.

Concrete boom pumping allows us to reach areas where standard machinery and trucks cannot. We can utilize our pumps to quickly pour high quality concrete walls, home basements and foundations, cellars and underground shelters, as well as for sidewalks, walkways, driveways, garages and patios.


Tri-State has extensive experience in pumping everything from large commercial projects to residential home foundations as well as our many other concrete projects.

Commercial and Residential Excavation & Site Prep

Full Excavation Fleet With Hauling Services

We provide site preparation and excavation services for any site where you will need our concrete services that way the two can be seamlessly coordinated. We also have equipment that can maneuver around pre-existing structures or narrow spaces. If you need excavation for sewer and septic systems, or utility lines, we are thorough in our preparation and inspections in accordance with OSHA regulations.


Metal Buidings

Tri-State has numerous options for Metal building construction

Metal and steel buildings offer endless options for construction, design, and layout. Tri-State can help you choose your design but we also offer options from building on an existing foundation to a full start-to-finish construction including, excavation and site preparation. This way you have one company handling the whole job eliminating the coordination of other contractors or services that could vary in their availability, causing delays with the project.


Whether you need your sidewalk replaced or a foundation for a new home or metal building, you can rest assured that the structural integrity of your home will not be compromised. Tri-State Concrete and Excavation started as a concrete company serving residences throughout the region. While we have grown over the years, we continue to take pride in the work we do for your home and outbuildings. Our residential services include driveways and sidewalks, concrete replacement for cracked and broken concrete, basement foundations, retaining walls, decorative concrete, and more! Regardless of the size of the job, if you contact us you will receive a prompt response.


We can also help you put a personal touch on your property. With decorative stamped concrete you have many options for a design that fits your home or business. Tri-State's decorative concrete offers almost endless possibilities with colors, textures, seamless skins, and stamps for you to personalize your patio, garden, or pathway. Decorative stamped concrete is also less likely to crack, shift, or erode than standard flagstone pavers. While decorative concrete isn't your least expensive option, it provides you the same or similar look as other exterior flooring options but with less maintenance and breakage.

Emergency Boom Pumping


Having our own boom pumping equipment locally allows us to act quickly in an emergency situation. Our drivers are experts on difficult and steep mountain roads and can get concrete in most places others can’t.

Time, Safety, and Quality

The Tri-State advantage, we own all of the machinery and equipment we use. Everyone on your project is an employee who has pledged to uphold our values.

This means we can start and finish our projects in less time than most companies since we don't have to make arrangements to rent machinery for a particular project or line up sub-contractors to do the work.

Our employees are trained and experienced with our own machinery allowing us to provide a higher level of quality workmanship. Tri-State Concrete offers you safety and peace of mind for your investment.

What Do Our Clients Say About Us?

Willing To Go The Extra Mile

Tri-State Concrete is THE company to go with if you're looking for a team willing to go the extra mile to make sure ALL your concrete/excavating needs are professionally met in a timely, cost-effective manner.

-Lana K.

Take Great Pride in Their Work

The Tri State Concrete crew are reliable, experienced, pay attention to detail, and are some of the most pleasant people we have worked with. We have used their services for two different projects and have been totally satisfied each time. Trustworthy, honest people that take great pride in their work. We would recommend them to anyone!

-Mitch & Rona -Fort Collins, CO.

Very Careful and Detailed

I got lots of estimates from other companies and made my final decision based on honesty and pride in craftsmanship. I did not want complications caused by carelessness. TriState Concrete was very careful and detailed. I was amazed by how they moved the Bobcat in my garage and tore out the rebar with touching a wall or garage door. I also appreciate that they offered to cut the expansion lines to make it easier for me to seal them. I will use TriState Concrete again on other projects I may have in the future.

-Jason S. -Fort Collins, CO.

Hard-Working, Reliable, Knowledgeable and Helpful

I highly recommend the entire crew at Tri-State. After the High Park fire we chose them to help remove debris, excavate for our new building and pour our concrete floor. We found Erik and everyone on his crew to be hard-working, reliable, knowledgeable and helpful. From the dirty job of removing fire debris to staying well into the night to finish concrete that was slow to set up, these guys could not have done a better job or been more enjoyable to work with.

-Wes & Nicki R. -Bellvue, CO.

Best Boom Pump Operation I've Seen in Years

Tri State is fantastic. Each aspect neatly trimmed and made ready. Professional on time and a clean jobsite with a friendly crew. High recommendations! Best boom pump operation I've seen in years. Fast and friendly with a great price.

-Jeremy B. -Fort Collins, CO.

Structural | Poured Concrete Walls

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Concrete Basements and Foundations

Finishing a basement is absolutely the best way to generate a more livable space. Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska all have high wind areas. Basements are excellent for anchoring a property to the ground by extending the foundation below the area’s frost line. This helps maintain the integrity of the foundation over time.

Retaining Walls

By offering lateral support to vertical slopes, a retaining wall can hold back soil for a multitude of reasons, including leveling terraces to add landscaping, eliminating hard-to-mow slopes and provide solutions to drainage and erosion problems.

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Cellars and Underground Shelters

There are some places throughout the front range that require additional storage options for water tanks or cisterns. Cellars provide large underground rooms for those needs as well as doubling as safety shelters, hot-water tank and HVAC system rooms.

Non-Structural | Flatwork

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The concrete driveway is essential to every home's landscape and like other high-quality upgrades can drastically increase property values. We know it is the first thing everyone sees when they approach your home, and that's why we don't cut any corners. Learn more about how we pour concrete driveways.

Garage and Shop Floors

Adding a garage to your home's plan is an exceptional way to increase its value. A nice warm car on a bitterly cold morning in the Rocky Mountains is the best reason anyone would want to build a garage.

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Decorative Concrete

Stamped concrete is textured and colored to resemble wood, tile, stone, flagstone, slate, brick and other building materials. It is commonly used for patios, sidewalks, driveways, pool decks and interior flooring. Learn more about our decorative concrete services.


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Site Prep

Whether you're clearing an area by cutting down trees, removing brush, or having footers dug we can easily and quickly take care of those needs. Our excavating equipment is large enough to complete most projects yet small enough to maneuver around preexisting buildings.

Sewer Septic & Utility Digging

Our experienced excavation division can dig for sewer installation, fuel lines, electric lines, water lines, telephone, etc...

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Metal and Steel Buildings

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Metal and Steel Buildings Construction

Tri-State can lay your foundation but we can also build on top of it. This gives you the advantage of having your entire building project taken care of by one company.

Concrete Placement

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Concrete Pumping and Placing

Every job big or small can have obstacles when it comes to the placement of concrete. Our 32 boom pump truck allows us to easily move the necessary amount of concrete from the truck to where it is needed on the job site with ease.

Concrete Replacement

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Concrete Replacement

Having your cracked or broken concrete fixed, is just a temporary solution. To have the problem correctly fixed, the old concrete needs to be taken out and replaced with new concrete. We can remove and haul away your old concrete, correct any issues causing the damage, and replace it with new concrete.

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We specialize in pumping concrete to hard to reach commercial and residential locations throughout the Front Range and mountains. Based out of Fort Collins, Colorado.