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Poured concrete walls vs. concrete block

The foundation for your house or business is the most important investment you can make in your investment. Poured concrete offers a stronger, more durable foundation for your construction project.

Concrete Block Foundation

Unlike poured concrete, concrete block foundations over time can bow, settle, crack and are more susceptible to water leakage through their joints. If the concrete block foundation isn't properly filled with steel rebar and concrete then it will be weak, structurally unsound and have little insulation value.

Poured Concrete Walls

More and more builders are choosing poured concrete walls over concrete block foundations.

Advantages of Concrete Poured Walls

  • - Poured concrete walls hold up better against ground and water pressure
  • - Poured concrete walls are versatile allowing you to shape them as desired
  • - Poured concrete walls are adaptable and can be further adjusted or touched up while drying
  • - Poured concrete walls are easier to waterproof
  • - Poured concrete walls are generally done faster than building concrete block foundations

What Makes Concrete Pouring Stronger?

Poured concrete walls are joint-free and typically 8-12 inches thick which makes them denser, stronger, drier and fire-resistant which is crucial for the front range. A poured concrete foundation can better withstand cave-ins created by lateral pressures from the ground, water and wind.

Cost Savings, Energy Efficiency, and Longevity With Poured Concrete

Concrete pouring is better able to withstand wind, water, and ground pressure, it also offers also greater energy efficiency with its superior strength and durability.

Since poured concrete can withstand these pressures, you can rely on this work for a longer period of time. This can save on future repair costs and expenses on the foundation of your house.

There is nothing more reliable, durable, and safe than a poured concrete wall!

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