Metal Buildings - Steel Building Construction

Metal Buildings & Steel Buildings - Metal Building Construction

residential and commercial construction of metal buildings

Tri-State can lay your foundation but we can also build on top of it. This gives you the advantage of having your entire building project taken care of by one company.

Tri-State can construct and place metal buildings over your foundation.

Why Metal Buildings?

Metal and steel buildings are increasingly popular because they are versatile, durable, and budget friendly.

Steel and metal buildings can be built more quickly than other options, reducing labor costs, which allows for faster occupancy.

Metal and steel buildings are the preferred choice in the construction industry for residential, commercial and industrial projects alike.

Advantages of Metal Construction

Maintenance, Durability and Repairs

Metal and Steel buildings are less likely to crack, shift, rot, mold, settle or allow in pests than wood or brick structures. Metal buildings are also easier to clean, require less maintenance and unlike brick less prone to wear and tear. Steel and Metal buildings are also more resistant to the harsh weather conditions and elements of Colorado or the Wyoming winds.

Unlike wood structures, steel and metal buildings are less prone to rot, mold, and pests, and unlike brick less prone to wear.

Fire Resistant

Living in Colorado means living with fires, especially rural mountain towns. Since metal buildings are fire resistant they are less likely to catch on fire from surrounding structures. Also, if a fire breaks out within a metal building, it will be more likely to be contained and less likely to spread to any other buildings in the area.

Metal Structures Are Adaptable and Customizable

Metal and steel buildings offer a considerable amount of flexibility in how you want to tailor your structure. From the dimensions of your building, roof style, insulation factor, types of windows and doors, including their location and placement, it’s all customizable.

Metal Buildings can accommodate insulation and be customized to increase energy efficiency and reduce the cost of heating and cooling. Superior resistance to harsh weather, mold and rot, as well as infestation of termites and other pests, can result in lower maintenance costs. In some cases, metal buildings can cost less to insure than buildings made of other materials.

Expand Space and Floor Plan

With metal buildings you can more easily add space and create additions than with other building materials. Metal buildings can also be used as additions to existing structures even if they are not made of metal.

Uses For Metal Buildings

Metal Barns

Metal Barns offer protection from fire, pests, and extreme weather for your livestock, equipment, and crops.

Garages and Carports

Garages and Carports made from metal can be customized according to the size of your vehicle or storage requirements. Since metal roofing is less susceptible to harsh weather conditions, including snow, your garage or carport roof is less likely to collapse from Colorado’s high snow loads.

Studios and Recreational Buildings

Everything from color, design, layout, and window placement can be taken into account so you can build a space that keeps both functionality and aesthetics in mind. When it comes to building space for woodworking, cars, music and art studios, indoor sports, yoga, or dancing instruction...

The options are endless!

Production Greenhouses

Given the flexibility to accommodate window placement for natural lighting as well as numerous options for indoor lighting, metal and steel structures are an excellent option for planning and maintaining a greenhouse. Metal buildings can be well controlled for pests, mold, and temperature so your crops can be well protected from damage and spoilage.

Homes and Residential Buildings

If you are considering building a home, you can customize a metal structure to be your home with nearly unlimited options to customize a floor plan. You can also build a residential metal home over and existing basement or foundation.

Environmental Benefits

Fewer toxins, pollutants, and waste

Metals such as steel don't release pollutants or contaminants into the ground or the air. In the case of prefabricated metal buildings and components, less onsite building materials results in less waste. The metals used in buildings are recyclable in the event the structure needs to be removed which reduces landfill space. In fact, sometimes the metals used in construction are made from recycled materials.

If you are interested in building a steel structure on your property, Tri-State can help you make the best decision about the placement and type of structure or building as well as laying a quality foundation. We can also install and place your building made to your specifications.

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