Concrete Basements and Foundations

Why should I build a basement foundation?

Tri-State Concrete specializes in pouring high quality concrete basements and foundations, with 18 years of experience serving Fort Collins Colorado, and surrounding areas including Greeley, Windsor, Wellington, and others. Tri-State has extensive expert level experience pouring concrete foundations and basements, for new home constructions.Building a crawlspace foundation may save money on the initial material cost compared to a full basement, but not necessarily time, as they can take close to the same amount to build as a full-height wall. Most realtors will tell you that the basement is the area of a house that will return the most money per square foot at the time of sale, therefore the additional material costs are almost instantly recouped after building. A new basement living area can also create that much wanted entertainment room, family den or needed extra bedroom and bathroom combination. Finishing a basement is absolutely the least expensive way to generate a more usable livable space while building equity into the home.

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