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Do I need a pump?

It is an efficient, reliable and economical means of placing concrete, and sometimes the only way of getting concrete into most locations. Other times, simply the ease and speed of pumping concrete make it the most economical method of placement. Of the different types of concrete pumping, we believe boom pumping gives us the most versatility.

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Every job big or small can have obstacles when it comes to the placement of concrete. Our 32 boom pump truck allows us to easily move the necessary amount of concrete from the truck to where it is needed on the job site with ease.

Why Tri-State?

At Tri-State, We Have Our Own Boom Pumping Equipment.

We are experienced and equipped. Owning our own pumping and placing equipment maximizes our scheduling flexibility which is essential to planning successful concrete pumping, pouring, and placing.

Since pumping and pouring with a boom can be done in any weather, any time of day, and in diverse jobsite conditions, we can accommodate our customers' individual needs and even service emergency cases that would require concrete pumping and placing on short notice.

Tri-State Concrete specializes in concrete pumping and pouring services, with 19 years of experience serving Fort Collins Colorado, and surrounding areas including Greeley, Windsor, Wellington, and others.

Tri-State has extensive expert level experience with concrete pumping, pouring and placing concrete foundations, basements, retaining walls, cellars, etc., for new home construction.

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We pump and pour concrete in town as well as in hard to reach surrounding mountain areas. If you have any questions on boom pumping feel free to contact Tri-State Concrete today!

We specialize in pumping concrete to hard to reach commercial and residential locations throughout the Front Range and mountains. Based out of Fort Collins, Colorado.