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Steel Buildings and Custom Metal Building Construction

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Tri-State can offer you the advantage of having the same company lay your lay the foundation for your steel building and build on it.

If your project requires excavation or site prep Tri-State can handle that too.

Why Steel Buildings?

Whether your need a building for commercial or residential purposes, steel buildings will offer superior protection for your valuables inside.

Metal building construction using high quality steel offer clear advantages over other building materials such as wood or brick because they are less likely to settle, shift, or crack. Steel buildings also offer greater resistance to infestation, rot, or mold.

Steel Building Construction is Fire and Weather Resistant

With fire and harsh weather being realities of life in Colorado, metal structures offer superior resistance to extreme winds and fire. If an existing fire is spreading, metal buildings will be more resistant and can also offer better containment of a fire that starts inside and will be less likely to spread to other structures. The strength and durability of steel can also hold up to heavy snowfall and also offer greater resistance to collapse. These advantages can also contribute to a lower cost of maintenance, heating, and cooling. Greater protection of livestock, crops, furniture, and equipment can in some cases result in lower insurance costs for steel buildings.

Metal Buildings and Steel Structures Are Customizable

If a pre-fabricated metal building won't meet your needs, contact Tri-State

We can build a steel structure to your specifications including the layout and dimensions as well as the color and design. If your intended project requires excavation, site prep, or a foundation, Tri-State can offer seamless oversight and continuity for the entire duration of the construction.

Metal structures are capable of allowing a great deal of flexibility when it comes to the placement of windows and doors, insulation, and style and dimensions of the roof. If you choose to expand your structure in the future metal building construction offers the flexibility to do so in many cases. You can also easily add to an existing structure that is not made of metal to expand your space.

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Tri-State can lay your foundation but we can also build on top of it. This gives you the advantage of having your entire building project taken care of by one company.

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