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Concrete Pumping

Concrete Pumping

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What is Truck Mounted Boom Pumping?

Boom Pumping allows you to get concrete to locations where trucks and other equipment can’t reach. For difficult to reach places, where most construction vehicles and machinery can't get to, concrete pumping utilizing a placing boom, known as Concrete Boom Pumping makes it easier to pour and place concrete in locations that can be difficult to reach.

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This can include mountainsides, sites blocked by other existing structures, or structures being built across a water channel. Concrete Boom Pumping is a method of concrete pumping that uses a pump which runs through a pipe or delivery line guided by a robotically controlled boom, or long pivotable arm.

The placing boom is usually mounted on a truck which can get to places where standard concrete pumping equipment cannot reach for concrete placing. Our truck mounted boom can help with concrete pumping for basements and foundations and concrete retaining walls.

Tri-State specializes in concrete pumping and placing but also can also take care of excavations and site prep. Click here for more information on all of our concrete pumping services

Advantages of Boom Pumping for Concrete Pouring

Concrete can be pumped from further distances and in higher locations. Boom pumping also enables you to get to areas that aren't reachable by crane for pouring and placing.

Boom pumping also allows flexibility so smaller amounts of concrete can be poured in multiple locations.

Boom pumping saves time, space, and labor.

Concrete pumping and pouring using a placing boom allows for less equipment, as well as fewer trucks, construction vehicles, and laborers accessing your construction site.

This saves you time on site preparation and materials, and also means less wear on the terrain, less space taken up, and a safer worksite. Because of its reach, a boom truck can often remain in the same place for an entire pour. This allows ready mix trucks to discharge their loads directly into the pump’s hopper at one central location saving time and the need for additional transport.

The 32-meter boom truck offers a great balance between reach and set-up space for the concrete pump. This allows for greater flexibility for concrete pouring and placing.

Ideal for residential and commercial job sites where concrete placing is needed but space can be limited. It is considered to be the best all-around concrete boom pump type for fast, unfolding, easy cleanout and precision placing.

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Why Tri-State?

At Tri-State, We Have Our Own Boom Pumping Equipment.

We are experienced and equipped. Owning our own pumping and placing equipment maximizes our scheduling flexibility which is essential to planning successful concrete pumping, pouring, and placing.

Since pumping and pouring with a boom can be done in any weather, any time of day, and in diverse jobsite conditions, we can accommodate our customers' individual needs and even service emergency cases that would require concrete pumping and placing on short notice.

Tri-State Concrete specializes in concrete pumping and pouring services, with 19 years of experience serving Fort Collins Colorado, and surrounding areas including Greeley, Windsor, Wellington, and others.

Tri-State has extensive expert level experience with concrete pumping, pouring and placing concrete foundations, basements, retaining walls, cellars, etc., for new home construction.

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We pump and pour concrete in town as well as in hard to reach surrounding mountain areas. If you have any questions on boom pumping feel free to contact Tri-State Concrete today!

Concrete Pumping

We specialize in pumping concrete to hard to reach commercial and residential locations throughout the Front Range and mountains. Based out of Fort Collins, Colorado.