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Retaining Walls

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Why concrete poured walls for retention?

Although traditional retaining walls can be constructed using numerous building materials, concrete is the most durable and most recommended. Our retaining walls are always reinforced with rebar and are almost always cantilevered, which saves concrete, reduces cost through careful planning, construction and design.

Advantages of Poured Concrete Retaining Walls

  • - Concrete retaining walls are stronger than block and can withstand more pressure

  • - Concrete retianing walls are less porous than block so offer greater resistance to fire and water

  • - Concrete retaining walls are more resistant to rot and decay than most building materials

  • - Because concrete retaining walls are more resistant to weather and wear, they can also be more energy efficient

  • - Poured concrete retaining walls can be installed quickly and efficiently

  • - Poured concrete retaining walls are customizable and allow considerable design flexibility

  • - Concrete poured retaining walls are cost effective and require little maintenance

What are the advantages of having Tri-State build your retaining wall?

One big advantage is that is a specialty of ours. At Tri-State, we own our own boom pumps and trucks so we have no problem getting to retaining walls in difficult to reach places or sloped terrain.

We can do it all in addition to retaining walls

Tri-State offers the advantage of not only being able to build a quality retaining wall, but we can also handle any site-prep or excavation needed to construct your retaining wall.

If your retaining wall or construction project involves building structures or needs foundation work, Tri-State can handle that too.

Emergency repairs

Tri-State can also handle repairs to exisiting retaining walls and are even prepared to do so for emergency calls. We are well experienced with concrete replacement and know the many reasons why previously installed concrete retaining walls could encounter breakage or excess wear. We will make sure your retaining wall has the right mix, is properly dried, is level, and built to avoid drainage issues and washouts.

Additionally, after we construct your retaining wall, or provide any services for your property, Tri-State can handle all the waste hauling from the entire project.

Tri-State - one company for the entire project

In all of these ways, Tri-State can handle your project from start to finish so you only have to deal with one company. In addition to retaining walls, our poured concrete capabilities include but are not limited to building basements and foundations, as well as cellars and underground shelters.

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