Concrete Replacement

My concrete is broken, why?

Long-lasting, resilient concrete doesn't happen by coincidence, but through experience and professionalism. Here are the 3 top reason concrete structural cracks and crumbling occurs. 1. Improper mix of concrete. This includes a range of problems like too much water in the mix, inadequate strengths or dry mud. Reputable contractors always know what good mix looks and feels like. We know the mixes that fit every situation, environmental condition, soil condition, weather, time of the year and many more variables. We deliver our own concrete for quality control from the best supplier in the nation, Martin Marietta. 2. Overly rapid drying of the concrete. Too rapid drying happens when a chemical reaction is caused by the water amounts added to the mix. In this area of the country we are experts in designing and mixing just the right concrete for the job at hand. The concrete needs to be mixed properly to match the environmental situation when the concrete is poured. 3. Not preparing subgrade to soil conditions. The ground where you are pouring the concrete must be compacted and level. Not done correctly can cause drainage issues or washouts. The forms must be prepared leveled and squared. If the concrete is not level and square it will usually crack much quicker. What Now? Tear it out and replace it!! We have all the right equipment to get your damaged and hazardous concrete removed quickly and the knowledge and construction know how to replace it quickly. It will be done right and the job will last for years and years without problems! We can easily haul off the waste and turn it into recycled materials keeping our planet more green and in that way both of us are helping the environment.

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