Concrete Polishing: Polished Concrete Floors by Tri-State

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Tri-State Concrete and Excavation offers quality concrete polishing as a flooring alternative to plain concrete surfaces. After applying a series of mechanical grinding and polishing pads, concrete becomes more visually appealing and durable than traditional concrete. We can grind and polish your existing concrete floor or we can pour and install new floors and polish them when needed. Dense enough to withstand water, oil and high levels of foot traffic, concrete polishing is resilient, easy to clean, and affordable. It requires little maintenance and outlasts other flooring options.

Here are some of the advantages of concrete polishing:

Durable: Concrete polished floors do not damage, chip, or scratch easily. It also withstands pressure from foot traffic, equipment, and furniture.


Low maintenance: The highly polished surface resists dust, is easily cleaned, and doesn’t require waxing (which is not recommended).


Cost-effective: Existing concrete surfaces can be retrofitted for concrete polishing saving time, money, and materials. A newly installed concrete floor, your concrete polished floor will outlast pretty much all other flooring materials like carpets that could require steam cleaning, hardwood floors requiring waxing, or the replacement of chipped wood or tile flooring. Either way, you can count on your floors and your savings to be long-lasting.

Customizable: concrete polishing offers endless varieties of colors and patterns and allows for your own unique, customizable design. Finished sheens can range from matte to high gloss. shop floorsshop floors


Increases property value: Concrete polishing can increase the value of your home or business and have been known to reduce time on the housing market.

Clean and hygienic: Not only does the smooth surface of polished concrete resist dust, a properly sealed and finished surface can also be moisture resistant and won’t harbor bacteria from food or dirt. Polished concrete floors also do not contain potentially harmful volatile organic compounds that are found in many other flooring materials.


Improved lighting: The smooth sheen of a polished concrete surface amplifies and enhances both natural and artificial light which offers aesthetic and cost effective benefits. In some cases the enhanced lighting can lead to savings on utility bills.


Commercial Uses

  • Warehouses
  • Garages
  • Restaurant Kitchens
  • Auto Showrooms
  • Public & Retail Establishments
  • Hotels

Residential Uses

  • Kitchens
  • shop floorsshop floors
  • Basements
  • Patios
  • Bathrooms

Tri-State is equipped

We have our own grinding and polishing equipment so we never have to wait for rental equipment to become available, and neither do you. Tri-State Concrete uses only the finest diamond grits and equipment. No sealers, epoxy, or grout to wait on curing, so you can use it immediately. We would love to discuss with you how this exciting new service could be utilized in your new or existing home, garage or shop. In fact, at Tri-State, we own the equipment for all of the services we provide.

Tri-State Can Do It All

Tri-State is a full-service concrete company that can provide any additional services related to or in addition to polishing your concrete floor. We can pour, repair and replace concrete for foundations and basements, retaining walls, and the construction of cellars and shelters.

We construct metal buildings, offering full, turn-key packages that can accommodate our services from start to finish.

If site preparation or excavation is needed we can provide these services as well as any sewer, septic, or utility digging that's necessary for the project. We can also haul away any waste related to the project. In these ways, we can offer seamless transition of all of the services we provide, reduce waiting times, and offer the accountability of one, single company.

When we lay down your polished concrete surface, as with any of our services, the work will be done by our well trained employees. Our workers are trained to provide quality in their craft and adhere to the highest safety standards.

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